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“Search Engine Optimization and Marketing”

Now a days the word “Search Engine  Optimization” is well known by all.  You want to start a new business or want to expend your existing business, you have to have a website not only for advertise your products but also increase sell. From your web site people will know about your companies different kinds of product, they will know your products price and will compare with others. But if you do not have any website for your companies product, you surely loss a copious  amount sell. Let you have a web sit for your companies product but it is not optimized or you never optimize your site’s search engine optimization for Google or yahoo, as a result no one gets your site after search using Google, yahoo or other search engine. You will no longer benefited with this website. So what you have to do you have to optimize your site for search engine. Most of the people use Google search engine to search with their desire words. So you need to give emphasis on Google search engine.  If you know search engine optimization techniques, you surly did it for your website. If you need any search engine optimization information or any kind of help about search engine optimization & marketing you will get help from this site and you also communicate with me.  But if you are not capable enough to optimize your site, I am here to serve you. There are a lot of search engine marketing strategies. I follow top search engine marketing strategy to optimize a site and push up the site in the top of the first page for Google search engine.

In this site I have provided a lot of SEO site list for high PR  Book Marking, Back link, Directory submission, Article submission, blog comments, Top Forum list etc.

There are a lot of ways to optimize a web site. Like Book marking, Forum post, blog comment, Link building etc. But which way are effective search engine technique? Recently two new techniques are very much popular. One of it is Link Wheel. But most of the SEO worker does not know how to build a link wheel though it is one of the most effective ways to get Google high page rank and top Google search. But it is very easy to build. At first monitor the following picture. From this picture you will get a idea how to create it.

How to create Link Wheel
How to create Link Wheel

Middle of the picture is your target site and around the target site there are five free blog. This picture is showing 5wheeler link wheel. You can create / build as much as you want. The more you will create the more possibility to top rank. As per this 5wheeler model you have to create five post of different blog. You can easily create five free blog/site. Then you have to create two posts in each blog. In each blog a post will tell about the target blog and will put a link of that target sits home page. And another post will be same way but target will be the immediate next blog. Now look at the picture again, it should be clear to you now. If you have any problem to understand How to create Link Wheel or any question please do not heisted to ask me through comments box. My next post will be about how to build a link wheel. You can subscribe for this site for free to know about new post.

To know how much optimize you site is you have to know search engine optimization techniques. You can use Google toolbar to check your sits Page rank. You have to install this add on into your Firefox browser. Right top of the corner you will find the current page status. Right now Fire fox 4.00 or higher is not support it. Soon it will be available for latest Vinson of Firefox. You can also check state from here. Until Google index your website page rank will show N/A. To increase your site page rank you have to post regularly. You should not do like that today you have made 5 new post but next 7 days you did not make any post. You need to post one post every day or every two days. To increase page rank only SEO work is not enough. Your site should have some contain so that people will come to visit your. If you made post regularly Google robot and visitor will come regularly to get new contain. Google increase your side’s page rank (PR) only when it find that a lot of visitors are coming to visit your site. Another thing is that never copy past from other site. In this case Google will permanently leave your site and you will never get high page rank even nobody will find your site through engine.

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There are two types of search engine optimization. On side and off side optimization. Off site optimization is same important as onsite optimization. Off site optimization techniques transmit to how a website is connected to peripheral pages. A link that refer a website is well known as a back link. There are some Off side optimization technique. Directory submission,Book marking, Back link, blog comments, forum post etc.

For Directory Submission, Blog comments, Article submission, Forum post service please contract with me.

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